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Bonfiglioli Electric Motors

Bonfiglioli's product line includes a variety of AC and DC electric motors.

The brand's models are popular and in demand on the market due to a wide range of capacities, a wide range of applications, high reliability and impeccable quality.

The Bonfiglioli catalog includes:

  • synchronous motors;
  • asynchronous motor;
  • synchronous jet engines;
  • DC motors.

Bonfiglioli synchronous motors

The synchronous drives section is made up of the BCR and BMD series.

High performance BCR servomotors
The device operates on the principle of reverse interaction with system signals. The servo receives the input parameters of the control value at a certain time and maintains it at the output of the produced element.

They are characterized by the presence of connectors with dust and moisture protection IP65, PTC sensor.

BMD servomotors

A servo is a mechanism that has a special sensor in its device that tracks certain values, a control unit, and an engine. The task of the device is to control and maintain parameters during operation, depending on the signal transmitted at a particular time.

The drives are equipped with the latest encoder technology and are optimized to work with frequency converters and precision planetary gearboxes.

Bonfiglioli asynchronous motors

Asynchronous drives are represented by the lines BX, BN, BE, BX, BS.

BX heavy Duty asynchronous motors
They are manufactured to meet the requirements of the most modern industrial applications. Their most important characteristics: cast iron frame, C3 corrosion protection, re-lubricated bearings and a predisposition to measuring shock pulses are standard for all sizes.

Asynchronous drives from the BX, BE and BN lines
They have an efficiency class of IE1 (BN/M) IE2 (BE/ME) and IE3 (BX/MX) in accordance with the international standard IEC 60034-30. drives from the BN/M and BX/MX lines can be purchased in the BrakeMotor version with a choice of AC or DC brakes.

Single-phase drives of the BS line
Manufactured in accordance with IEC standards and equipped with a permanent connected working capacitor. For applications requiring a high starting torque, you can choose a version with a working and starting capacitor.

Synchronous jet engines Bonfiglioli

Synchronous jet engine of the BSR series

Guarantees a sustainable energy-saving solution that reduces the overall environmental impact due to the absence of magnets and increased efficiency. Reduced operating costs ensure a quick return on investment.

Bonfiglioli DC motors

BC series DC motors

This is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for DC drives. Materials and design solutions allow the use of BC drives in the harshest conditions and with 4-quadrant thyristor converters.

The engines have a degree of dust and moisture protection IP54 and class F.