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Bonfiglioli Agile rate of occurrence converters

The Agile Bonfiglioli line rate of occurrence converters set new standards in inverter technology for a wide range of users. Agile inverters are particularly suitable for the food, textile, woodworking, packaging and ceramic industries, where they can be used in various automation processes of medium complexity.

Frequency converters are devices designed to convert alternating current (voltage) of one frequency into alternating current (voltage) of another frequency.

The output frequency in modern converters can vary over a wide range and be either higher or lower than the frequency of the supply network.

The power part is usually made on thyristors or transistors that operate in electronic key mode. The control part is performed on digital microprocessors and provides control of power electronic keys, as well as the solution of a large number of auxiliary tasks (control, diagnostics, protection).

Thus, the output voltage of the Converter is formed from the" cut-out " sections of the sinusoids of the input voltage. For rice.5. an example of generating the output voltage for one of the load phases is shown. At the input, the three-phase sinusoidal voltage ia, IV, and IC acts as a winner for thyristor devices. The output voltage of the ivy has a non-sinusoidal "sawtooth" shape, which can be approximated by a sinusoid (thickened line). The figure shows that the frequency of the output voltage can not be equal to or higher than the frequency of the supply network. It is in the range from 0 to 30 Hz. As a result, the engine speed control range is small (no more than 1: 10). This restriction does not allow the use of such converters in modern frequency-controlled drives with a wide range of technological parameters regulation.

Key advantages

  • Optional expandable line for field bus communication.
  • Sensorless control of synchronous and asynchronous motors.
  • Modbus and Systembus on Board.
  • Direct current connection.
  • Built-in brake interrupter.
  • Capacity failure monitoring.
  • Adjustable PI controller.
  • Integrated VPLC.
  • Various consequence with electronic drive.
  • Built-in safe torque-off consequence STO (SIL 2 / PL d).
  • Saving feature.
  • Intelligent current limits.
  • Output rate of occurrence: 0 ... 599 Hz, higher frequencies on request.
  • Diagnostics and configuration using the built-in keyboard and the built-in service interface for connecting to a PC.

Technical specifications

  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP20 (EN 60529).
  • Rated speed: 0 ... 599 Hz.
  • Capacity range (AGL402): 0.25 - 11 kW / three - phase 320 V ... 530 V / 50-60 Hz (± 10%).
  • Capacity range (AGL202): 0.12–3 kW / single - phase 200 V... 240 V / 50-60 Hz (± 10%); 0.25 - 7.5 kW / three-phase 200 V ... 240 V / 50-60 Hz (± 10%).

Mounting options:

  • Cabinet mounting for all sizes;
  • additional pass-through installation;
  • optional mounting frame for DIN rail.