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Bonfiglioli frequency converters

Bonfiglioli frequency converters are used for smooth control of the torque and speed of rotation of the motor shaft. Using frequency converters, the service life of electric drives is significantly extended by reducing starting currents, smooth start and braking, energy saving and eliminating breakdowns due to overheating and excessive load.

The frequency converters section of the Bonfiglioli product catalog includes:

  • Active series frequency converters;
  • frequency converters of the Agile line;
  • compact frequency converters of the S2U line;
  • regenerative drives of the AEC family.

Bonfiglioli Active frequency converters

The Bonfiglioli Active series includes flexible premium inverters that are versatile and easy to use.

The 14-series Active Cube frequency Converter has a wide power range from 0.25 kW to 400 kW (with parallel drive connection up to 1200 kW). It can control asynchronous, synchronous and synchronous jet engines in open and closed circuits.

Several additional communication modules and extensions for I/o management and encoder evaluation ensure that the encoder can be used in high-performance applications.

Bonfiglioli Agile frequency converters (standard inverters)

The Agile (AGL) series is a flexible compromise for standard applications such as warehouse and material handling (such as glass, wood, marble), textile machinery, food and beverage, packaging, ceramics, and lifts.

The Agile Frequency Inverter Series has three mechanical sizes for power ranges from 0.12 to 11 kW with open loop control for asynchronous and synchronous motors.

For integration into a functional security environment, AGL offers STO functionality in accordance with SIL 2 and PL d.

Compact frequency converters Bonfiglioli S2U

Compact frequency converters Bonfiglioli S2U are characterized by maximum ease of use and are quickly integrated into industrial machines.

The s2u frequency Converter is available in two mechanical sizes, power from 0.20 kW to 2.2 kW for single-phase 230 V operations. In the corresponding open-loop asynchronous motors, S2U is already pre-installed.

The main drive parameters can be configured using a set of 30 functions. The S2U is the best solution for compact and cost-effective applications such as pumps, fans and material handling, including packaging and textile machines.

Bonfiglioli AEC regenerative drives

Years of experience with electronic industrial drives and renewable energy have enabled Bonfiglioli to offer an effective solution for restoring braking energy. It produces new active regenerative system inverters (AEC).

In a large number of industrial applications with electric control, the inertia of moving mechanisms can drive electric motors that act as brakes. They convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. In regenerative processes, this energy is returned to the network.