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Bonfiglioli Gear Motors

Under Bonfiglioli brand, a wide range of industrial gearboxes plus electric Motors plus gearboxes are available in one housing. Thanks to many years of experience, company has special industry knowledge to help clients in any projects using individual solutions.

The Bonfiglioli catalog includes:

  • rectangular electric Motor plus gearbox in one housing;
  • linear Motor & gearbox in one housing;
  • Electric Motor plus gearbox in one housing with parallel shafts;
  • Motor & gearbox in one high precision housing;
  • special purpose gearboxes (including planetary, rectangular, explosion-proof plus other models);
  • wheel drive reducers plus much more.

Rectangular gearboxes

Presented in line A, VF/W, plus RAN. devices are characterized by a high level of efficiency, durability plus reliability.

A Line

It combines high efficiency plus fault tolerance, low maintenance costs plus a wide range of torques. Thanks to combination of gears, A-line electric Motor plus gearbox in one housing are most durable product in Bonfiglioli portfolio for light plus medium loads.

VF/W line

In VF/W line, manufacturer managed to combine uncompromising quality with most modern technologies.

Absolute flexibility is achieved through a wide range of mounting options, shaft configurations plus motor interfaces as standard.

In addition, thanks to several patented manufacturing technologies, VF/W line from Bonfiglioli has a long service life.

Easy to install plus virtually maintenance - free, RAN line models offer multiple shaft positioning options plus choice of several precise gear ratios.

Linear reducers

Represented by AS, C line.

AS line

It has been recognized for many years in quarry & mining companies, where reliability plus low operating costs are key factors.

C Line

Designed for requirements of standard tasks in an industrial environment. These line provide first-class reliability, performance plus a wide range of output torque.

Electric Motor plus gearbox in one housing with parallel shafts This section includes an electric Motor plus gearbox in same housing off, S, TA line.

F Line

The equipment can be installed sideways directly into machine (in addition to all normal mounting positions). This Motor & gearbox in one housing guarantees increased productivity plus quiet operation. high torque density, wide gear ratio range plus compact design complement characteristics off line.

S Line

The design of S line makes models particularly effective for pumps, fans plus blowers. S line is also available in leg or flange versions plus is equipped with a wide range of Bonfiglioli electric motors.

TA line

It has a reverse motion option that prevents backward movement in case of inclined conveyors.