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Bonfiglioli is a family-owned Italian company with a global presence.

The company has three business divisions: "Discrete manufacturing and processing industry", "Mechatronic and propulsion systems" and "Mobility and wind industry".

In 1965, Clementino Bonfiglioli founded the company Costruzioni Meccaniche Bonfiglioli, which was later to become Bonfiglioli Riduttori S. p.A.

Clementino Bonfiglioli himself developed the first worm gears (VF series), which were later supplied to the main local enterprises in the packaging sector. Then the RAE series two-speed planetary gearbox was developed and patented, so successful that the model was not upgraded for the next 15 years.

Currently, the Italian company's business includes 22 sales branches, 14 manufacturing plants and more than 500 Bonfiglioli distributors worldwide.

Bonfiglioli GMBH dominates the electricity transmission market through five different brands. These brands allow the company to better serve its customers around the world.

Over the years, the company's factories have accumulated special experience in specific product lines. The company's factories are interconnected to effectively serve the market. In discrete productions, Bonfiglioli identifies several significantly different types of production organization. When manufacturing to a warehouse (Make-To-Stock, MTS), the volume of production is planned based on the "optimal" capacity utilization, and it is assumed that all products produced will find sales. When customization (Make-To-Order, MTO) production volume is planned based on the incoming orders for products, and is distinguished in the (Engineering-To-Order, ETO), from the design of ordered products, development of design and technological documentation, and Assembly to order (Assembling-To-Order, ATO), which uses existing enterprise design and technological documentation for different nodes, however, there is a small variability in the composition of the product depending on the customer's order (this assumes, that all the original components are available in stock). Bonfiglioli R & D uses the most advanced virtual modeling techniques to develop and optimize its products. This ensures that performance and reliability targets are met even before physical prototypes are created. It also reduces time to market and provides customers with the best possible experience.

According to Bonfiglioli's estimates, electronics and computer manufacturing and transport engineering are the leaders in terms of it costs in the global market. At the same time, the main costs in discrete production are accounted for by external it services (such as consulting and maintenance of equipment and SOFTWARE) and telecommunications services. The leaders in it spending, according to Bonfiglioli's classification, are transport engineering, electronics and computer manufacturing, and industrial and electrical equipment manufacturing, with almost half of all spending on telecommunications (equipment and services).

Enterprises differ in the nature of production, economic conditions, and the degree of ownership of the market situation. All these circumstances largely determine the strategy of Informatization, technologies and funds invested in it.

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