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Bonfiglioli synchronous motors

BCR Bonfiglioli series

The BCR Bonfiglioli series of synchronous motors includes high-performance models that can be used for both long and short periods in applications requiring high torque.

The most common types of this type of aggregates are single – phase and three-phase. The principle of operation of a synchronous motor in both cases is approximately the same. After connecting the armature winding to the network, the rotor remains stationary, while direct current enters the field winding. The direction of the electromagnetic moment changes twice during a single voltage change. When the average torque is equal to zero, the rotor under the influence of external torque (mechanical action) accelerates to a frequency close to the value of the frequency of rotation of the magnetic field in the gap, after which the motor switches to synchronous mode. Due to the wide torque range and higher-than-average overload resistance, the BCR series models meet even the most demanding applications.

Synchronous motors (SD) are not as common as asynchronous motors with a closed rotor. But they are used where a large torque is needed and frequent overloads will occur during operation. Also, this type of engine is used where a large amount of power is needed to drive mechanisms, due to the high power factor and the ability to improve the power factor of the network, which will significantly reduce the cost of electricity and load on the line. Equipped with IP65 push-pull connectors (IP67 connectors are optional) in accordance with EMC requirements and a PTC temperature sensor with reinforced insulation, these motors guarantee a reliable electrical connection under all operating conditions.

Main advantages

  • High torque range.
  • Small inertia.
  • Resolver on Board by default.

Technical features

  • Brake options: constant, additional 24 V DC
  • Feedback options: resolver, additional Hiperface encoder (single or multi - turn).
  • The PTC temperature sensor. 7 sizes of flanges.
  • Torque range: 0.2 ... 115 Nm.
  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP65, IP67 (optional).
  • Rated speed: 2000, 3000, 4500 rpm.
  • Voltage: 230, 400 V AC.

BMD Bonfiglioli series

The BMD series motors are equipped with powerful neodymium magnets, the latest encoder technology and are suitable for working with frequency converters and precision planetary gearboxes, providing excellent synergy.

The flywheel option provides excellent control characteristics for applications with high load inertia. The braking option and forced ventilation increase productivity during long-term operation and critical ambient temperatures.

Technical specifications

  • Feedback options: 2-pole resolver, optical or capacitive absolute encoder (single or multi - turn), inductive absolute encoder of the EnDat interface.
  • PTC temperature sensor, KTY 84-130, PT1000.
  • Torque range: 0.85 ... 45 Nm.
  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP65. IP67 (optional).
  • Rated speed: 1600, 3000, 4500, 5500, 6000 revolutions per minute.
  • Voltage: 230, 400 V AC.