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High-security Bonfiglioli gear motors

In the section of high-security Bonfiglioli gear motors, the VF/W-EP and HDPE series are included, as well as solutions of the a, C, F, and VF-W series in the ATEX version.

Bonfiglioli VF/W-EP Series

The line is designed to fully meet the requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is also used for working in harsh conditions. This version of the gear motor is manufactured with maximum sealing. Also, the entire line is equipped with excellent corrosion protection.


  • Torque range: 55 ... 440 Nm.
  • Gear ratios: 7 ... 300.
  • The degree of dust and moisture protection is IP 56 as standard.

Bonfiglioli HDPE Series

Designed for the extruders market, it provides a wide range of options for configuring power output and gear ratio combinations.

It has a strong cast-iron housing, suitable for high loads, and a special thrust bearing for heavy operating conditions.


  • Torque range: 4600 ... 77,100 Nm.
  • Gear ratio: 7.1 ... 125.

Bonfiglioli A, C, F, VF-W Series

The ATEX version is used safely in explosive environments. And it fully complies with the ATEX Directive 201/34 / EU.

Technical characteristics:

  • Torque range: 11 ... 14,000 Nm.
  • Gear ratios: 4,9 ... 1,715; 6,4 ... 8,84,9; 6,4 ... 8,84,9; 7 ... 100.
  • Mechanical power: up to 995 kW.