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Bonfiglioli drives for concrete mixers

500 series for transit mixers

Absolute reliability, low operating costs – and these are only the minimum advantages. And the main thing is the compactness of the device. And this is the key advantage of the redesigned Bonfiglioli drive series. The units are suitable for concrete mixers 500, a line of drives for transit mixers.

Eight models are available for mixing from 1 to 14 m3.


  • Power: 3000 ... 75,000 Nm.
  • Number of gear ratios: 17 ... 161.
  • Axial-piston motors up to SAE.
  • Standard orbital engines.

500 series in electric version

The unit is used by medium and large automatic concrete mixers.

The unique Bonfiglioli product includes a gearbox connected to AC and DC electric motors (for the purpose of operating under extreme load conditions).

The series provides a high level of energy efficiency and fuel economy, eliminates the occurrence of emergency situations due to the failure of the concrete mixer system.


  • Maximum power: 60000 Nm.
  • Number of gear ratios: 1: 220.
  • Number of gear ratios (in an emergency): 1: 2200.
  • Input speed: standard: 3500 rpm.
  • At the same time, there is an emergency option: 2000 rpm.