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Bonfiglioli AEC regenerative drives

Thanks to its extensive experience in the development of electronic industrial drives and renewable energy, Bonfiglioli is able to offer an effective solution for restoring braking energy.

As such a solution is a series of active regenerative system inverters AEC. In many industrial electrically controlled applications, inertia in moving mechanisms can drive electric motors because they act as brakes.

They convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. Thanks to the innovative product Bonfiglioli, this energy is returned to the network during the regeneration process.

Key benefits:

  • Energy supply. Input and regenerative power with sinusoidal current.
  • Regenerative power with rectangular current.

Technical features:

  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP20 (EN 60529).
  • Rated speed: 45 ... 66 Hz.
  • Power supply and power range: from 9.7 kVA to 173.2 kVA, 3-phase 320 V ... 440 V; 45 Hz ... 66 Hz.

The main options: Additional keyboard for easy setup, commissioning, parameterization, copy and diagnostic functions: KP500: removable keyboard; KPCMK: cabinet mounting kit and handheld keyboard remote.

Optional interface for communication with a PC:

  • KP232: serial communication interface that can be installed and disabled during operation.
  • CM232: serial communication interface that is installed during commissioning.
  • CM485: serial communication interface that is mounted during commissioning.
  • ISO-USB: USB to serial adapter, galvanically isolated.

Optional bus communication:

  • CM-CAN: CANopen.
  • CM232: Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU for point-to-point communications.
  • CM485: Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU via RS485 connection.