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Bonfiglioli Drives

The Bonfiglioli drive catalog is a wide and diverse product range that can meet any requirements for road construction and maintenance equipment, including: milling machine; road rollers in all modifications; concrete mixer; crane equipment and much more.

Each construction machine has its own specific design and performance characteristics, which Bonfiglioli is well aware of, thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

The company works in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of road and construction equipment. Thus, Bonfiglioli can offer a range of products that are ideal for a wide range of technical means.

The company offers:

  • wheel drive reducers;
  • turn drives;
  • winch drives;
  • drives for concrete mixers;
  • track drives;
  • rotary drives for crane equipment;
  • servos.

Wheel drive reducers

Bonfiglioli wheel drive reducers are designed specifically for wheeled off-road vehicles, warehouse loaders, and graders. They are offered as 600WE, 600WT, 600Y, 600WOC, 600D, 600F, EL, FR, 600 series for motor graders. In addition, the catalog of gearboxes includes series for tracked vehicles 700CK, 700CT, 700CP, 700C, FP, F, also available for purchase gearboxes for crushers and screens 700CE.

All drive reducers have high reliability, power and fault tolerance. If necessary, they can be configured to meet the client's requirements.

Turn drives

700TW series planetary gearboxes are used by a number of leading wind turbine manufacturers. Planetary gearboxes have the following advantages:: High output shaft torque combined with compact size High resistance to shock loads Uniform distribution of radial forces on the gearbox housing Large gear ratios combined with a compact size of the drive Gearboxes can be equipped with electric motors or hydro motors Ease of use in mobile technology Insufficient thermal power of the planetary gearbox can lead to overheating of the gearbox and as a result to a strong decrease in the characteristics and durability of the planetary gearbox. The special design of the O & K Jack-up series is indispensable for lifting and lowering any cargo.

Winch drives

The Bonfiglioli 700t, S and 700TK series of rotary actuators provide the safest and most efficient solution for cranes, excavators and logging machines. They are characterized by a wide range of torque and high reliability, confirmed by time.

Drives for concrete mixers

Absolute reliability, low operating costs, compactness and economic efficiency are the main characteristics of drives for concrete mixers of the 500 series in electric and hydraulic versions.


Bonfiglioli produces servos equipped with the latest features, such as cyclic synchronous positioning mode with cubic interpolation, brake control and feedback contact evaluation.

The iBMD and ANG Active Next Generation servos can be operated independently or under operator control, with extensive connectivity and high power density.