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Bonfiglioli Servos

IBMD series

The iBMD Bonfiglioli series of servos can be controlled by a master or run offline.

This reduces the cost of both the cable and the electrical Cabinet. The overall size of the device is reduced by more than 35% compared to classic servos.

Key features:

  • The interface for communication with the PC is mounted optionally.
  • ASK2-USB: communication with the PC via an additional communication cable.
  • Torque range: 2.7 ... 36 Nm.
  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP65 (EN 60529).
  • The CE compliance.
  • System voltage: 400 V AC/560 V DC current, constant voltage.

Software features:

  • Field bus positioning function (motion control is compatible with the CiA DS402).
  • The internal option is programming the PLC for stand-alone machines.
  • Interpolated mode.
  • Switching mechanism.
  • The functionality of the electronic camera in combination with motion controllers.
  • Internal drive and motor protection.

Hardware features:

  • IP65 design.
  • Evaluation of the KTY temperature.
  • Absolute Hiperface sensor.
  • Additional stop brake.
  • Constant current source.

ANG Active Next Generation series

The ANG Active Next Generation series of servo converters have been developed to ensure high performance of industrial equipment. The series offers the widest connectivity, the most advanced control technology and the highest power density.

Key features:

  • Additional keyboard for easy setup, commissioning, parameterization, copy function and diagnostics.
  • KP500: removable keyboard.
  • KPCMK: kit for mounting in a Cabinet and the remote manual for the keyboard.
  • Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP20 (EN 60529).

Optional interface for communication with a PC:

  • KP232: serial communication interface.
  • ISO-USB: USB-Serial adapter, galvanically isolated. Interface automation options:
  • EM-AUT-01: evaluation of EtherCAT ® and encoder (including typical protocols TTL, HTL, Resolver, Hiperface, EnDat 2.1).
  • EM-AUT-04: EtherCAT ® .
  • EM-AUT-11: PROFINET and encoder evaluation (including typical protocols).
  • EM-AUT-21: evaluation of Ethernet / IP and encoder (including typical protocols).
  • EM-AUT-31: Varan and Encoder evaluation (including typical protocols).

BMI series

The BMI HMI series is a cost-effective automation solution that is fully customizable to meet customer needs. Combined with the Bonfiglioli drive system, the BMI series is a powerful solution designed for a wide range of applications.

Main advantages:

  • 3,5,7 and 10.1 display.
  • The front panel is protected by IP 65.
  • Plastic chassis made of ABS material.
  • 65.536-this is the number of colors available to the consumer.
  • High resolution up to 1024 x 600.
  • Ethernet and RS232/485 standard.