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Bonfiglioli rotary actuators for crane equipment

Series of rotary actuators for crane equipment 700T Bonfiglioli

The equipment in this series allows the user to use devices as built-in equipment or combine them with a conical gearbox to facilitate the installation of the engine.

The turn actuators can be operated electrically or hydraulically. In addition, there are options with or without a negative Parking brake.

They can be equipped with an output, a built-in torque lever for easy installation on the machine, and a built-in gear shaft with a gear module 50 or 100 and a high-capacity bearing.

Technical features:

  • maximum lifting force: at least 1,150,000 Nm;
  • the maximum retention force: not less than 430 Nm 1 000;
  • extreme force: not less than 2 100 000 Nm.

O & K Jack-up series

The special design of the O & K Jack-up series is designed for lifting and lowering the supports and housings of drilling and service lifting units, lifting booths and windmill installations.

Models can be linear or have a drop-down box to compensate for engine installation, electric or hydraulic drive, and a Parking brake.

The units have class approval from ABS and DNV GL. In addition, they received full certification 3.2. It concerns load-bearing parts of the gears.

Features: extreme force: up to 2,900 kNm.