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Bonfiglioli 300 Series of planetary gearboxes

The line is characterized by small dimensions. Reducers favorably differ in their excellent power parameters.

Due to their design, the series models are particularly suitable for difficult operating conditions. For these reducers, critical shock loads are a constant phenomenon.

The configuration of gearboxes is optimal for different tasks:

  • various mounting options are available,
  • special layout of the gearbox,
  • output shaft,
  • unique interface of the motor.

20 precisely adjusted frame sizes are available to consumers. At the same time, the torque range can be from 1000 and up to 1,100,000 Nm.

Technical parameters:

  • Gear ratios: 3,4 ... 5,000.
  • Transmitted power of mechanics: up to 1050 kW.
  • Brake options:
  • hydraulic;
  • released (optional);
  • electric.

Combined engines:

  • reciprocating hydraulic motors;
  • orbital engines with hydraulics;
  • IEC electric motors.